spoiler: retreats + going deep on your values

a creative('s) approach to planning

we work with:

talented, super-cool creative types + their partners + families


are looking to align their values to their finances

might be crypto-curious

want to stabilize their cash flow

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sound like you?

The Retreats

exploring who you are outside of Excel.

Designed as a deeply personal exploration, we’ll meet for two full day retreats, one month apart.

A specially chosen, comfortable and private space near you.

Together we will discover your perspectives and preferences and get a clear picture of the state of your resources. I will guide you to insights about yourself, where you want to go, and how to get there.

At the conclusion, you will have a vision of what a rich life means to you and a comprehensive, uniquely pesonalized financial plan to back it up.

You can choose to continue into an ongoing partnership. Together we will get our hands dirty, getting into the nitty gritty of organizing your financial situation. We will put your plan into action and keep it running smoothly through whatever life throws at you.

Your plan is a living, breathing document. It will change just as you do!

We’ll be here to support you along the way through quarterly meetings, each with a seasonal theme.

Some of our faaaaavorite topics:


How can I make my money work for me now and in the future?


How can I stabilize my cash flow so I can enjoy life now while still taking care of future me? 


How can I build a foundation for financial independence? 


How can I reduce taxes to have the freedom to use these funds as I like?


How can I communicate my wishes and provide peace of mind to my loved ones if I become incapacitated or pass away? 


How can I protect myself and my close ones from the unexpected? 

our pricing

we’re transparent about our fees, and offer flexible options for different budgets.

Ready to listen to your whispers?

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[Ginger] was an amazing listener and accommodated my unique situation.

I felt that I had a partner, and that I had someone knowledgeable and 100% aligned with my interests on my side.

(S.H., Recent Collaborator)