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The Wealth Potential quiz helps you learn how you can build and sustain wealth over time based on saving, spending, and investing behaviors and experiences.

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What does your personality mean for your money decisions today and your financial future? The Money Personality test is based in part on a five-factor model of personality. This model is a well-researched way of describing groups of characteristics that go into how we behave, think, and act in a variety of contexts.

This assessment will help you think about how your unique characteristics may impact your financial decisions and how you can achieve your money-related goals in light of your unique profile.


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The Klontz Money Script Inventory-Revised (KM- SI-R) was designed to assess money beliefs. The KMSI-R has been researched extensively and has been found to be associated with income, net worth, credit card debt, financial behaviors, and other important aspects of financial health.

For many people, discovering and exploring their Money Scripts® is an essential step toward in- creasing their income and net worth, and improv- ing their financial health.

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