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a creative for creatives

financial planning for creatives

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We all hear

within us.


They might guide us to a new career, towards a creative peak, or away from something at odds with our values.

what we do with them is the bigger question.

Ginger Ames founded Whisper Financial to help fellow creatives listen to their whispers and use the power of financial planning to create more authentically without the nagging financial limitations.

Ginger’s professional life has delved into the artistic and business worlds, working as a glassblower and property manager. As she listened to (and ignored) her whispers, she developed a keen understanding of how a financial plan can support and enable one to create more deeply and truly.


to nurture more meaningful creativity through financial stability and a collaborative exploration of personal values.

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I was able to untangle my anxieties and understand the tangible and reachable steps to achieve my dreams while securing my future.

I felt that I had a partner, and that I had someone knowledgeable and 100% aligned with my interests on my side.

(S.H., Recent Collaborator)

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