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financial planning for creatives

Values + 

Finances =

Creative Freedom

values, meet finances.

finances, meet values.

We believe in learning who you are, what you believe, and what matters most to you. We can then align your finances to support the person + creative you are + want to be. 

We seek the relentless makers + creators.


The ones who don't just break the rules; they make new ones.

The thriving creative-types who want to go deeper.

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want more financial stability?

A great financial plan can go a loooooong way.

We can help steady your cash flow, plan your estate, and more.

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Working with Ginger, I was able to share openly about my financial hopes and fears.

I felt that I had a partner, and that I had someone knowledgeable and 100% aligned with my interests on my side.

(S.H., Recent Collaborator)


Get To Know Your Financial Self

Financial Planning Done Differently


We're certified in Crypto and can answer all the burning questions you ever had about NFTs, dogecoin, and what blockchain realllllly is...

We're kind of big on making financial empowerment accessible to all.

That's why we have two great ways to work together.